Matt D’Rion
Founder and CEO

Born into a family of business owners, Matt grew up with the goal to become an entrepreneur and help others succeed. After years working in sales and marketing, gaining invaluable experience and observing what problems businesses owners invariably faced, he set out to form a company that would address those problems head on – and solve them. From this came Worry Free Marketing.

As Founder and Co-Owner Matt is often the face of the company. His responsibilities include business development, account management and company public relations.

He is an avid volunteer and has helped various non-profits raise millions of dollars. He lives in the St Louis, Missouri area with his wife, children and two dogs.

Email or follow him on Twitter @MattDrion

Matt’s personal website and blog is located at

Chad Lane
Chief Strategy Officer, Co-Owner

Chad Lane St. Louis Digital Marketer

Chad has over 20 years of experience as a successful administrative executive, marketer and copywriter in the non-profit sector. After years of consulting his friends on the side on how to increase the statistics in their businesses, he decided it was time to offer these services more formally to any business owner that needs them.

As Co-Owner of Worry Free Marketing his main responsibility lies in the big picture and big think of how to strategically help our clients. Through thorough client and market research he develops marketing strategies and ongoing programs that work to increase sales through marketing.

Chad keeps Matt focused on the big picture while Matt reminds Chad of the little things. It works.

He has published 3 books and is working on his 4th. He lives in St Louis, Missouri with his wife and 2 children.

Chad has a blog you can follow at

You can email Chad

Emily Lane
VP of Sales, St Louis Market

With greater than two decades as a business developer and entrepreneur, Emily has had a long history of helping companies and organizations achieve growth and become market leaders.
Beyond having experience in a vast range of industries, she is a natural problem solver, loves to learn and is an idea generator.

Emily initially became introduced to Worry Free Marketing as client, which quickly transitioned into an advocate. Sharing several important clients that needed help improving their profitability with their websites, Emily and Worry Free share the passion of helping businesses both large and small succeed. From customer, to partner, to now Vice President of Sales – Saint Louis at Worry Free Marketing, she brings her experience in business development, strategic sales and account management to businesses looking to experience growth.

In addition to being a career woman, Emily is a cellist, a founder of non-profit arts organization and has interests in rare violins and fashion. Iggy Pup, her 8lb Yorkshire Terrier is known to travel stylishly in her purse.

Claire de Jong
Website Accounts Manager

Claire de Jong

Claire has been building websites since dial up was a thing. Her first website was her own – a self-taught project to display her art. This first foray into the world of the internet was the perfect match for her skills.

Since then, she has mastered sales and marketing as a manager for retail stores and multi-million dollar companies while continuing to hone her skills as a developer.

She has produced nearly 100 websites for small to mid-size companies. Every website she creates benefits from her unique blend of artistic and coding talent.

To see some of the many websites she has created, visit our website portfolio.

Laurie Almodovar
Digital Advertising Manager

Laurie Almodovar

Kristen Adkins
Adwords Specialist

Kristen Adkins

Kristen is an artist with an entrepreneurial spirit. She loves communicating to others through the arts and has created her own successful photography business using social media, blogging and word of mouth.

As the newest member of the Worry Free team, she brings her internet experience, her love for writing and for learning, and her ability to discover what motivates people to our AdWords for Nonprofits program.

She lives in St. Louis with her husband and two children and enjoys reading, crafting, and photography.

Andreea DeMiere
Digital Advertising

Ty Patterson
Digital Marketing Specialist
Kristin Sadler
Professional Copywriter

Kristin Sadler

Kristin is a published author with a degree in Advertising from Michigan State University. Writing is in her blood – she wrote her first “book” at the age of six and has continued to refine her skills ever since! Her first job as a graduate was Advertising Manager for a $53 million company writing and producing roughly 100 projects per year.

Thereafter, for nearly 20 years, while she was a successful outside sales representative she was also a freelance writer and continued to stay current with the changes taking place from print to web. Her sales experience provided invaluable relationship selling and marketing skills that now help businesses have online “sales-through-relationships” success stories.

Kristin has written and edited a vast number of printed sales and marketing materials and online content. She has ghostwritten books, been a contributing writer for several publications, and enjoys writing poetry. One of her favorite aspects of being a writer is helping people share their stories.

Besides writing, Kristin enjoys spending time with loved ones, cooking, baking, reading, and fitness, and spends a considerable amount of time following, researching, practicing, and writing about health and functional medicine. She has a blog devoted to this last topic,

Kristin believes, “Whether writing for companies or individuals, it should be in their ‘voice,’ evoke emotions, and inspire action.”

To see many of the websites Kristin has written, visit our website portfolio.

Madison Baird

Madison Baird St. Louis Website Copywriter

Madison Baird is our resident copywriter. We told him to write a bio for our website but he is pretty busy with client projects… we’ll remind him.

Tayler D’Rion
Accounting Ninja

Tayler D'Rion